【La Festa Primavera 2011】28 Mar 2011

To whom involved in La Festa Primavera 2011

In the wake of the unprecedented disaster caused by the earthquake and tsunami that hit Eastern Japan on the 11 March, 2011, we have deeply considered how we should do with our event. After a log discussion, we have come to believe that now is the time to braoden our fundamental spirit “ friendship”, and thus decided to hold our event with a subtitle “Ganbarou Nippon!” (Let’s do our best, Japan!) as a fund raising event for the afflicted areas in Tohoku and Kanto, with which we have had close relationship for the past fourteen years as La Festa Mille Miglia’s route. The donation money will be directly delivered to the afflicted areas that have been our close friends. We will be raising money in the bank account below, so we appreciate the cooperation from those who support our activity. Thank you very much.

Bank Information for monetary donation
Bank: Mitsui-Sumitomo Bank Shibuya Branch
Account Number: 6352354 (Regular Account)
Account Name: Veteran Car Club Tokyo
Address:20-2-1F UDAGAWACHO SHIBUYA-KU TOKYO JAPAN zip-code 150-0042

La Festa Primavera Organizing Committee

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