La Festa Autunno 2013

Objective and Ideology

A variety of trends are on the rise in Japan today: flawless white skin, decline in car ownership, social withdrawal among young people, and men who are shy and unassertive when it comes to relationships. On the other side of the spectrum, however, exist a group of tanned, vivacious, car-loving, “carnivorous” adults. The lifestyle that these sprightly middle-aged drivers lead is quite the opposite of that of the sensitive, so-called “herbivorous” youth: they actively take part in car rallies and enjoy life in a different way.

This particular classic car rally called La Festa Primavera, or the festival of the spring, began in 2009. During this event, participants drive approximately 1,000 km through eight prefectures in Tokai and Kinki region in Japan over a four-day period, each in their own classic vehicles—prized gems built more than half a century ago. These participants are not the superficial “middle-aged bad boys” that are currently in vogue, but rather, they are a breed of passionate adults who never lost their youthful spirit of adventure and fun. They’ve got personality. They’ve got attitude. And they welcome and overcome with tenacity any adversity that stands in their way.

We live in a disposable society where everything is replaced as soon as it becomes old or tiring. If we all learned to love the old, to never stop dreaming, and to cherish personal interaction with others, our lives would be that much more enjoyable.

La Festa Primavera 2013 Organizing Committee