La Festa Primavera 2016

【Day4 & Awarding Ceremony】18 Apr 2016
Mr. and Mrs. Takemoto won their fourth consecutive title with overwhelming strength
The final day, April 18, the weather was fairly good with a little chill in the air. Although the entrants cared about their race results in the past three days, they departed from Kyoto with the look on their faces that they wanted to enjoy the final race safely. Passing through the Green Park Omoide no Mori in…
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Day4 (18 Apr)
[ Updated:18 Apr 18:01 ]
Rank No. Driver / Co-Driver Car-Model Year Point
1 2 Kyoto Takemoto
Junko Takemoto
BUGATTI T44 1928 17680.00
2 23 Masahiro Yokota
Etsuko Oki
PANHARD 1951 16105.00
3 54 Hideyuki Fukuhara
Mitsutoshi Futami
TRIUMPH TR2 1955 15996.00
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