La Festa Primavera 2023

Objective and Ideology

The La Festa Primavera started in 2009 in Osaka and will celebrate its 14th event this year.

We had originally planned to hold the 2023 La Festa Primavera along a route centered in the Kii Peninsula, but we were approached by someone connected with the Hokuriku Shinkansen.
As part of the commemoration of a 2024 planned extension of the Hokuriku Shinkansen line, we were asked "Would you like to hold La Festa Primavera in the Hokuriku area?"

It is our desire for more people to see and know about La Festa Primavera, as well as share the main purpose of the event which is to further establish automobile culture in Japan.
We have decided to hold La Festa Primavera 2023 as one of the commemorative events for the Hokuriku Shinkansen line extension.
It will run through the Hokuriku and Kinki regions.

The three basic spirits of La Festa are, "Respect for the old", "No matter how old you are, you are still young at heart" and "To expand the circle of friendship with all the people who are involved in the event."

The oldest cars in La Festa are 100 years old and the newest are 50 years old.
These cars are not computer-controlled like modern automobiles and must do everything on their own, including running, turning, and stopping.
But the participants deal with these vehicles with respect and love, maintain them, and drive through the four-day trip with their eyes shining like children's.
The friendship among those who enjoy the same hobby is a great source of inspiration.
The participants enjoy not only the camaraderie of friends with the same hobby, but also the new friendships that develop along the way as they drive and are cheered on.

We cherish the words "learning from the past" and "continuity is strength." We will keep running on.

La Festa Primavera 2023 Organizing Committee