La Festa Primavera 2022

Objective and Ideology

La Festa Primavera, born in 2009, this year will be celebrating its 13th anniversary.

Our lifestyle has changed since last year, due to the new coronavirus (Covid -19), which has given a great impact not only on our work but also on our life in general, as well as on our hobbies and leisure time.
Throughout 2020 Covid-19 was still considered an unknown virus, so we had no choice but to live only in silence and fear, but in 2021 we are starting to slowly see a somewhat brighter future.
Thanks to the spread of the vaccine the number of infected people is decreasing, as well as the one related to seriously ill patients from Covid-19.

We have organized three events in 2021: La Festa Primavera, La Festa Dolce Vita, La Festa Mille Miglia.
By adopting all possible infection control measures - such as mandatory pre-PCR test and prohibition of drinking alcohol while eating - all events have been completed successfully and safely.

In the next years this kind of events will be hold in the new normal life frame, due to Covid-19.
We will guarantee the implementing of infection control measures, keeping the level of attention high.
We will always keep the three spirits of this event alive: "Respect for old things" "Always keep a young spirit, no matter how old you are" and " Expand the circle of friendships with all those attending the event" and we will provide you a new lifestyle event where you can enjoy your hobbies and leisure time with fun, even in these not easy times, due to Covid-19.

In 2022 encounters and contacts with ancient cultures, historical sites and new people await you.
Classic cars will gather together, sharing the adventure of exploration and discovery of fascinating sites in Tokai and Kinki regions during fine spring season.

La Festa Primavera 2022 Organizing Committee